COVID-19 Prediction Research and Hotspot Mapping

AimDyn’s team of researchers and data scientists are able to forecast which areas will become hot spots for the COVID-19 virus.

Predicting COVID-19 Hot Spots with AI Data Analysis

AimDyn’s team of researchers and data analysts have been watching the COVID-19 news unfold in shock with much of the rest of the world. To try and help better understand the pandemic, our research team created this map using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm’s predictive technology on COVID-19 data. We hope this will help in extrapolating information about the future spread of the disease. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this data could be identifying “hot spot” regions for the virus, or regions that show the biggest growth, as seen in the prediction of the United States virus spread and implementing onsite rapid drive-thru testing in these greater affected areas.

Click here for our COVID-19 US Hot Spot Map

On the left of our map you can Select Prediction Type to choose how many days of data (day window) to include in the prediction and how many days ahead to predict (day prediction).

“Our analysis provides useful information on the state level. However, the number of cases in each city or county is not yet available to us. The more data is available, the more information data scientists can provide and help in minimizing casualties from this pandemic. More data also gives an opportunity for longer prediction, so we would encourage everyone in sharing data and cooperation in these difficult times,” said Iva Manojlovic, Junior Data Scientist.

The blue dots on the map indicate areas where COVID-19 may be spreading rather quickly. Scrolling in you can hover over dots to see which city each point represents as well as the number of cases and growth rate of the virus in that city.

If a dot is yellow it indicates a growth rate of 10-20%, while red means a growth rate of over 20% in that location.

From our lawyer: These results are based on limited data, are for informational purposes only, and, due to the uncertainties inherent in this fluid situation should not be relied upon for making any personal or professional decisions. AIMdyn, Inc. disclaims any and all representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, validity, reliability or completeness of any of the information provided in this forecast. AIMdyn, Inc. disclaims all liability arising out of your review or use of this forecast.